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Visakha Fire & Security Services - VFSS

As per the rules of the government for the private and public sector

If the workforce exceeds a specified number, the company is to appoint a Fire Safety officer who will procure the materials and devices to give direct training to the workforce of company, supervise fire fighters engaged in operation, rules and regulations regarding the fire department and ensure maintenance of fire equipments. Fire engineers find job openings in the government fire services, architectural and building design, insurance assessment, project management, aircraft industry, refineries, industrial processing, and any area of safety where the possibility of fire or combustion represents a hazard.

With a motto of “Serve to Save” VFSS has been set up with the sole objective of providing professional training in the emerging areas of Fire and Safety. VFSS is focusing to offer Diploma, P.G.Diploma & Advance Diploma in the field of Fire & Safety, with technical collaboration with Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Centre, Council of Education and Training (JNNYCCET), Hyderabad.


Our Visakha Fire and Security Services is focused on being one of the top most fire & safety organization in providing institutional training and services.


To provide certified training in the field of fire & safety to achieve and human resources needs of the clients through long-term client relationships built on experience, insight and teamwork


To provide effective training in Fire & Safety, Skill Developments, Personality Development, and Communication Skills to youth and assist them to obtain employment.

VFSS Fire Services Can Support You to Keep Your Business Health and Safety

VFSS as a fast leading Fire Safety Services, there are many risk preventing measure you must take to keep the risk of Fire Safety to a minimum and ensure both employees and workforce are safe at industries. To achieve ZERO Incidents and Accidents at workplace the VFSS Fire Safety Services team may be able to help. We offer many emerging fire safety services designed to take much of the work off your hands while also ensuring your business is compliant with government safety guidelines.

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire is a major risk to businesses. It can kill or seriously injure employees or workforce and can damage or destroy buildings, equipment and stock. A risk assessment is one of the first steps to protect employees and workforce from fire. VFSS can help you carry out a complete and detail fire risk assessment. We’ll identify potential risks within your company before prioritizing each one and outlining the steps that need to be taken in order to reduce risk and comply with legal requirements.

Fire may have a more significant impact on businesses that :

  • Stock combustible materials including flammable liquids or gases
  • Use heat processes
  • Have people working alone in parts of the building
  • Have poorly maintained equipment or electrical circuits
  • Have public access.
  • Have poor housekeeping standards.

Fire Safety Training Courses

VFSS have a very good trained Personals fire safety training courses to help your employees and workforce to minimize the likelihood of a fire. VFSS also teach your staff how to handle an emergency in the unlikely event that one does arise. VFSS offer a wealth of flexible packages that can bring a change to your business.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Maintenance (AMC)

VFSS ensure complete servicing and maintenance to ensure that fire extinguishers are in excellent working condition at all times. Not only can this help you abide by government regulations, it can also save lives in the event of a fire.

According to a survey by the Fire Extinguisher Trades Association, of 2,173 recorded fire safety incidents in a year, more than 80% were controlled with the help of a fire extinguisher. Extinguishers prevent approximately 2,000 injuries annually.